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Kimia Zist Parsian (KZP) is an Iranian-based recently established pharmaceutical company with the main focus on the implementation of technology-oriented projects in the pharmaceutical field. The emerging technologies in parallel with the emerging diseases related to the third millennium life-style of the humans are the driving force for us to devote all our capacities and possibilities to provide the best pharmaceuticals for human health and therapy.

KZP is a private company with a specialized staff of, 5 pharmacists, 5 chemists, 2 biologists, 3 pharmacy technicians, 2 physicians, 3 medical & technical engineers in its core team, plus related marketing, administrative, and facilitative personnel.


The highly busy and stressful life-style of the modern human has changed the disease profile of our globe at the beginning of the third millennium. Nowadays, the health priority of the industrialized and globalized world has been changed from the infectious and endemic diseases to the CNS and/or cardiovascular diseases thereby necessitating a deep attention to these categories. Benefiting from a highly educated and accredited team, our KZP will be strongly active and sensitive to globally health-threatening diseases and the world health-challenging issues. In this way, KZP will do its best to take remarkable contribution in the global, regional, and national campaigns against the healthcare threats and emerging human problems. Our main strategy will be the manufacturing of novel technology-based products in our under-construction plant as well as other ways of active role-playing and involvement in the pharmaceutical market. Those strategies include, but not limited to, contract manufacturing, import of finished or semi-finished drug products from well-known as well as well-grown companies worldwide and any other possible ways of global and local co-operations. To achieve our goals in marketing area, we have established an effective customizable network country-wide, connected as a capillary-based system to the end-users. In this context, all the institutions, organizations, and pharmaceutical companies having common concerns and attempts would be our potential partners in our way to success, hopefully.......... .